Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cover Thursdays: The Picture In Reverse

Yesterday R.E.M. announced that they were breaking up as a band after 31 years.  The break-up was reportedly on very good terms, and was a mutual, yet difficult decision.  A band performing that consistently for over 30 years is astonishing. When you think about it, R.E.M. is a bit unique, even in the context of the best bands of our life times.  There's not many bands like them, with that amount of success.  The reason R.E.M. was so loved, was because of the emotional connection they made with their audience.

To celebrate the work of R.E.M. here they are performing one my favorite songs from their catalog "Nightswimming".  Also, check out Ingrid Michaelson utilizing a loop station in a cover of the very same song just below this video.