Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mike Doughty: Slain By The Words I Lack

Mike Doughty was the frontman for a band named Soul Coughing in the 1990's.  After becoming addicted to heroin, Doughty left the band in 2000.  After beating his addiction, Doughty started his solo career.  He has a very unique voice, but it fits his music perfectly.  In 2005 Mike Doughty released Haughty Melodic which was released on Dave Matthews' ATO records.  The two have maintained a friendship, as Matthews was a fan of Doughty's back in the days of Soul Coughing.

Here's Mike Doughty performing "Madeline and Nine" off Haughty Melodic.  You know those songs that just perfectly explain your life?  Well this one, from beginning to end, has always done that for me.  If I had to pick one song that explained why I love music it would be this one.  My favorite lyric:  "Slain by the words I lack/ My world is bursting sappy music."  Hope you enjoy it just as much!

Check out Mike Doughty's website, as well as his latest album Sad Man Happy Man. 

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