Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Black Keys: When I Roll, I Roll Deep

It's funny how artists and bands can catch the public's attention after years of success on the underground music scene.  The Black Keys formed in 2001.  Known for their garage rock sound and the powerful rhythms they produce using just a drum set and electric guitar, The Black Keys had a huge underground following in the Indie music scene.  It's only recently that The Black Keys have experienced mainstream success with their 2010 release Brothers.  Ironically, Brothers received some criticism from long time fans, as some felt it strayed from the roots The Black Keys developed from earlier releases like Rubber Factory (2004), Magic Potion (2006), and Attack & Release (2008).  That being said, Brothers still packs quite a punch.  A punch strong enough to win multiple Grammy's for The Black Keys, and spots on many of 2010's top album lists.

Here's The Black Keys performing "I Got Mine" from Attack & Release.  It will get your blood pumping.

The Black Keys will be touring this summer!  Check out their site for tour dates, as well as anything else you'd like to know about the band!

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