Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Martin Sexton: Driving Tonight Just To Ease My Mind

The first time I saw Martin Sexton was in the Student Union Ballroom at Geneseo my freshman year of college.  The show was free, and maybe 75-100 people were in attendence.  Last summer, Martin Sexton opened for the Dave Matthews Band in front of tens of thousands of fans.  I think he's doing something right.

Martin Sexton has been releasing cd's since his self-produced debut in 1992.  You know the music world is completely upsidedown and backwards when a songwriter with the voice of Martin Sexton is not a household name and so many teeny boppers are.  The man is pure talent.  It's obvious he's passionate about what he does.  With Martin Sexton it's all about the music.  Sometimes he'll be supported by his band, but Martin Sexton performing solo is something to behold.

This gem is called "Can't Stop Thinking Bout You" and it features some great guitar work by John Mayer.  I love John Mayer's comment at the end... he sure does like good shit!

Check out Martin Sexton's library of records at his website.  I highly recommed his live cd's Live Wide Open and Solo

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