Monday, February 7, 2011

Lisa Hannigan: I Assume That Your Heart's Been Bruised

Those not familiar with Lisa Hannigan, may recognize her voice from her work with Damien Rice.  However, she's made quite a name for herself since splitting from the band and starting her solo career in 2007.  Miss Hannigan's debut LP Sea Sew was released in 2009 and she's opened for the likes of Jason Mraz and the Black Keys.  She's received high praise both in her native Ireland and in the States.

On a personal note, there's no voice I'd rather hear sing me to sleep than Lisa Hannigan's. It's angelic.  And in case you couldn't tell from the previous statement, I have a massive crush on her!  Just watch the video... you'll see why.  She's adorable!

Here's Lisa Hannigan performing "I Don't Know".

Currently, Lisa Hannigan is working on her next album in Ireland.  Until then, check out her website.  Or if you just can't wait for the new album, I'd suggest buying Sea Sew to tide you over!

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