Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cover Thursdays- No Wedding Day Smiles, No Walk Down the Aisle

Tonight I'm taking my Dad to see Josh Ritter at Asbury Hall in Buffalo.  I've seen Josh Ritter live at least four times, and every time he's put on an excellent show.  His mastery over his complex lyrics and the enthusiasm he brings to the performance are both incredible.  However, what I'm most excited about, is seeing a concert with my Dad!  We've gone to shows together before, but now that I live in Maryland, it makes seeing a concert together a little more special.  Since moving in 2007, I've made great friends in Maryland and have grown to really enjoy my job.  The biggest drawback is only seeing my family for a few weeks thoughout the year.  So tonight isn't just about the music for me, it's about spending time with my Dad.

Because the concert falls on a Cover Thursday, here's Josh Ritter performing "The River" by Bruce Springsteen!

Check back tomorrow for another concert review!  Also, Josh Ritter just published his first novel, entitled Bright's Passage.  If you're looking for a good summer read, I'm sure the storytelling skills Ritter employs in his songwriting translate beautifully to a novel!  Go to his website and check it out!

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