Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Lonely Forest: The Worst Comes Out When I am Alone

The Lonely Forest is a young band out of Anacortes, Washintongon.  The band formed while it's members were still teenagers.  Ever since, they've been touring extensively and have released three albums and two EP's.  Their latest album, Arrows, was released just this past March.  Arrows was produced by Death Cab For Cutie guitarist Chris Walla, who also heads The Lonely Forest's current label, Trans.  The collaboration with Walla is fitting, because I think one can fairly compare the two bands.

Here's The Lonely Forest's John Van Deusen performing "Woe Is Me... I Am Ruined" live on KEXP in Seattle.

You can buy Arrows, learn more about the band, and check out their upcoming tour dates, all at their website

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