Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Deep Vibration: You're A Spark, And I'm Just The Third Day of July

It's a holiday weekend for us here in the US as tomorrow is Independence Day.  I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekends!  Back when I was gathering videos to write about, I came across a performance from a band out of Nashville, Tennessee called The Deep Vibration.  Last summer, I downloaded their Veracruz-EP and was instantly taken in by the high pitched vocals and stirring guitar licks.  The video I found was for the song "Third Day of July", and I've been waiting for this very day to fittingly feature it.  Well, I almost forgot!  Thankfully, something jogged my memory.

Beyond just the song title fitting the day, I'm a fan of the song for the lyrics.  Sometimes I hate divulging my interpretation of lyrics, because a) my interpretation could be dead wrong or b) someone has a differing interpretation.  But I really like how narrator of the song compares his love interest to a spark, and compares himself to the "third day of July", a day devoid of fireworks.

The Deep Vibration released their first LP, Strange Love in January of this year.  Here's The Deep Vibration performing "Third Day of July" off Veracruz-EP at Paste Studios!

Find more from The Deep Vibration, including their new release Strange Love here.

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