Monday, July 18, 2011

Kopecky Family Band: I'm Afraid I'm Just Like You

Kopecky Family Band is a group to get excited about.  Forming in their home of Nashville, Tennessee in 2007, the Family Band has won over just about anyone who has stumbled across them.  They've already played staple concert events such as Bonorroo and SXSW.  While in Austin for SXSW they won over NPR's Bob Boilen, and were asked to play a Tiny Desk Concert.  They also recently recorded a live set at Paste Studios.

Kopecky Family Band has recorded three EP's thus far, the latest, Of Epic Proportions was released this past May.  According to their website, the band returned to the studio to record yet again in hopes of producing another release.

Here's Kopecky Family band performing "Birds" off their 2010 EP The Disaster.

The Kopecky Family Band is playing the Iota Club in Arlington, VA tonight.  Find more from the band by clicking here.

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