Sunday, July 31, 2011

Local Natives: Some Evil This Way Comes

Local Natives is a band with huge, well deserved hype behind them.  Forming in 2008 in Los Angeles, the band is the darling of music outlets such as NPR and Daytrotter.  Their acceleration to the forefront of the Indie music scene began at the 2009 SWSW festival in Austin, where they played nine shows over the course of the festival.  The reviews came back shimmering with comparisons to bands like Arcade Fire and Fleet Foxes.  Their debut album Gorilla Manor was first released in the UK in 2009 and then released in the States in February of 2010.  It debuted at #3 on Billboard's new artist chart.

Check out Local Natives performing "Wide Eyes" off Gorilla Manor.

Visit the Local Natives website and find more news about the band.

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