Monday, August 29, 2011

Counting Crows: Can't You See Me

Everyone has songs that hold a special meaning to them.  There's the song you played on loop for days because it made you think of her.  The song you played on loop when she got away.  The song you played when you moved on.  The song about growing up.  Music has a crazy way of transporting us back in time.

With the amount of music I listen to, my favorite song of the moment is constantly changing.  There will be one week where I can't stop listening to song A only to have it replaced by song B by the time the next week begins.  But there's always been a constant, irreplaceable song, that has stood strong at the top of my list.  It doesn't remind me of a place or a time.  It doesn't remind me of someone I loved.  All I can say is that it makes me feel like I'm home.  It's safe.  It's the one thing in the world that makes me think someone out there understands me.  I struggle with explaining myself, so if someone wanted to know how I was feeling, I would play them this song.

For me, that song is "Round Here" by Counting Crows.  My apologies for those searching for new music- this song is 18 years old now.  I just had one of those nights where you need someone that really knows you.  This song knows me.

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