Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Harper Blynn: Can't Stop A Heart That's Bound To Break

Back in March some friends asked if I wanted to see The Damnwells in concert.  Despite not knowing much about the band, I accepted, and as it turns out it was a great show.  However, not only was I surprised by how much I enjoyed The Damnwells, but also how much I enjoyed the opening band Harper Blynn.  They were more than entertaining, and I watched many members of the small Iota audience make their way to the merch table to purchase some Harper Blynn music.  When Silopanna Music Fest's list of bands came out, I was happy to see Harper Blynn on the list.  I was also excited that they would be playing the main stage with the other headliners.

Check out Harper Blynn performing "Bound To Break" off their self-titled 2010 EP.

Harper Blynn latest album, Loneliest Generation, was also released in 2010.  You can find information regarding that release, as well as anything else you'd like to know at Harper Blynn's website.

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