Saturday, August 13, 2011

Xavier Rudd: When Everything Was Tangled

I could tell you that I chose Xavier Rudd for today's post because he's a talented, multifaceted musician, playing a highly diverse style of music.  All of which are true.  That's not why I chose him though.  It has less to do with his talent and more with the fact that he plays the didgeridoo!  That's just cool!  Xavier Rudd, like the didgeridoo, is a native of Australia.  He's known for playing multiple instruments, during his grassroots performances.  His songs are largely centered on love of Earth and life.

Xavier Rudd most recently released Koonym Sun in 2010.  Here's Xavier Rudd performing "Stargaze" off 2007's White Moth.

Click here for more Xavier Rudd.

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