Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Passion Pit: I Shook Em Up, The Walls Came Tumbling

To be completely honest, Electronic music isn't really my cup of tea.  My musical tendencies lean toward acoustic driven folk and rock where the lyrics are at the forefront of the song.  But good music, is good music.  While the bulk of my music library fits fairly neatly into one broad musical bin, there's plenty of outliers.  One of those outliers is Passion Pit.  Their music is heavy on electronics, that's true, but behind the dance invoking bass and beats, lie incredible lyrics.

Passion Pit came into existence in 2007 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  All members save keyboardist and vocalist Michael Angelakos attended Berklee School of Music in Boston at the time of the band's formation.  Their debut full length album Manners was released in May of 2009, to wildly positive reviews.  For a band just releasing their debut album, they sure had a lot of hype behind them.  The band asked the PS22 Chorus to provide some vocals for three of the album's tracks, including their single "Little Secrets."

When it came to picking a song for this post I was torn.  I fell in love with a stripped down version of "The Reeling".  It's just Michael Angelakos and the keyboard.  When all the extras are left out, you're forced to concentrate on the lyrics which have a completely different tone in this version.  That being said, it's not typical Passion Pit.  Therefore, there's two videos today.  An electronic version of my favorite Passion Pit song, "Little Secrets" and the aforementioned acoustic "The Reeling". Enjoy!

"Little Secrets"

"The Reeling"

Check out more from Passion Pit on their website.

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