Saturday, August 6, 2011

J Mascis: There's Some Scenery I'm Missing

J Mascis is best known as a founding member and guitarist of Dinosaur Jr., a band formed in 1984 that recently experienced a resurgence after reforming in 2005.  After Dinosaur Jr. originally disbanded, J Mascis started another band entitled J Mascis + The Fog.  Most recently J Mascis released a solo album entitled Several Shades of Why in March of this year.  J Mascis is a truly talented guitar player, who even has a Fender guitar names after him.

Check out J Mascis with a solo performance of "Ammaring" off the J Mascis + The Fog 2000 record More Light.  The guitar alone is worth the listen.

You can find more J Mascis info on his website, such as his scheduled tour date in DC in September!

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