Tuesday, August 2, 2011

David Gray: Honey, Now If I'm Honest

Here in US, most people know David Gray for his hit 2000 single "Babylon."  Unfortunately, what they don't realize, is that David Gray has a catalog of music spanning back to 1993, and that he's absolutely a top notch live performer.  The English singer/songwriter slowly gained popularity through the mid 90's in the UK.  In 1998 David Gray released his breakthrough album White Ladder.  While White Ladder experienced critical and commercial success back home, it wasn't until White Ladder was released as the first album on Dave Matthews' ATO label, that David Gray experienced success stateside.  In the decade since, Gray has continued to turn out excellent records.

Besides studio albums, David Gray is a fantastic live entertainer.  He has an amazingly strong voice, and brings great stage energy.  I saw David Gray for the first time last year at Merriweather Post Pavilion, and then again just over a month ago in Atlantic City and DMB Caravan.  Both crowds were absolutely captivated as he played.

There's a very special reason why David Gray is featured in today's post.  Today is my best friend Jan's birthday!  Jan is pretty fond of David Gray, and we're pretty sure some of David Gray's songs are actually about Jan.  We haven't confirmed this, but we have a strong suspicion.  So for Jan's birthday, here are a bunch of David Gray videos.  Happy birthday Jan!

David Gray- "The One I Love"

"The Other Side"


Hope you enjoyed the videos!  Find more from David Gray on his website.

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