Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Heavy: And I'm In Deep

The Heavy's hit song "How You Like Me Now?" has been featured on just about every TV show imaginable.  Well, not every TV show, but according to Wikipedia it's been on at least five seperate shows... oh, it was also prominently used in the 2010 Academy Award Nominated film "The Fighter."  Not bad, I suppose.  This band from the UK seemed to find their niche with their blend of rock, funk, and soul.  The energy they bring to a live performance would even make me dance!

I couldn't pick just one video of The Heavy performing "How You Like Me Now".  Both videos are just too good.  So here they are performing their hit at KEXP in Seattle, and on the David Letterman Show.  Letterman liked it so much, he asked them to perform it again!  Enjoy, and try not to dance too hard!

Here's the website!  Check 'em out!

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