Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ireland Week- Goodnight And Joy Be With You All

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  There's no better way to cap off a week of Irish music, than with some Irish Covers.

The first is only partly a cover.  It's The Swell Season performing "Red Chord" (which technically is a Frames song, but that doesn't count as the cover) which segues into a brief bit of "Heyday" by Mic Christopher and then into the star of the performance "The Parting Glass" a traditional Irish song made famous by the Clancy Brothers.  I saw this live and everyone left the show singing "Goodnight, and joy be with you all."  What a way to end a concert.

You can't have a week of music from Ireland without something from Van Morrison!  So for extra measure here's The Swell Season again, this time performing Van Morrison's "Into The Mystic".

Hope you enjoyed Ireland Week!  Have great St. Patrick's Day!


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