Monday, March 21, 2011

Rachael Yamagata: Up For The Little White Lies

Running trend... I fall in love with female musicians pretty easily.  An amazing voice, and an affection for good lyrics is all I need and I'm yours.  Rachael Yamagata has them both.  Her voice is absolutely gorgeous and mesmerizing.  What's more, there's no fluff with Rachael Yamagata.  Yes, she has sweet love songs, but she also has biting breakup songs.  Either way, her lyrics flow like poetry.

Her latest release, Elephants... Teeth Sinking In (2008) is a fitting display of her versatility as a song writer.  She's been recording material for a new album.  In fact, I've been anxiously awaiting news of it's release to post this video.  I couldn't hold out any longer, though.

Prepare to hear, what I can only assume is the voice of an angel.  Here's Rachael Yamagata performing "Reason Why" from her debut release Happenstance (2004).  Fun fact, she's from Arlington, VA.

You want to hear more don't you?  For more Rachael Yamagata go to her website.  Or come to my house, where she'll be singing me a lullyby.  God, I wish that last part was true.

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