Monday, March 14, 2011

Ireland Week- Bell X1 The Perfect Height For Kicking

Ireland produces some great music.  Unfortunately, sometimes it takes awhile for a group to gain recognition in the States.  This is the case with Bell X1.  In Ireland, Bell X1 is one of the most loved bands currently producing music.  Bell X1 originally started in the 1990's under the name Juniper.  One Damien Rice was Juniper's frontman, before setting off on his own solo career.  The remaining members reformed as Bell X1.  Their music has a bit of an electronic touch.  However, this October I saw Bell X1 live for the second time... this time in an acoustic show.  The show was great, and their stripped down songs were simply beautiful.

Here's one such acoustic performance!  Take a listen to Bell X1 performing "Rocky Took A Lover" for Paste Studios from their 2005 release Flock.

If you enjoyed this video, check out their other releases.  And if you like those you're in luck!  A new Bell X1 album is on the way.  Bloodless Coup is set to be released in April.  For more info, go here

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