Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Caravan Countdown- Punch Brothers: Makes The Band Sound Better

Chris Thile, formally of Nickel Creek, is a world renowned mandolin player and artist.  In 2006 he formed his current Bluegrass band, Punch Brothers.  Throughout all the Dave Matthews Band concerts I've been to, the band has always invited a wide variety of artists to join them on tour.  Many bands that I listen to frequently are bands that I first heard opening for Dave Matthews Band.  At the Caravan this weekend there are bands representing Reggae, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Folk, Blues, and Bluegrass.

Just over a year ago Punch Brothers released their latest album, Antifogmatic.  I think a lot of young music listeners overlook bluegrass.  I, myself, just started listening in the last year and a half.  However, it's hard to ignore the energy from Punch Brothers provide in this performance of "Rye Whiskey"!

Learn more about Punch Brothers' at their website!

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