Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mumford & Sons: These Are My Desires

So this blog's main purpose is to feature new, largely undiscovered music.  However, I think by now even my Grandmother has heard of Mumford & Sons.  I tried to justify not featuring them as they've been rocketing up music charts and making appearances at the Grammy's with the likes of Bob Dylan.  However, I just couldn't hold out.  What if somehow, somewhere out there in the universe there's someone who is yet unfamiliar with Mumford & Sons?  And what if that particular someone happens to stumble across my meager little blog?  Maybe, just maybe, I will have introduced Mumford & Sons to the very last person not to hear of them! Maybe...

Mumford & Sons hail from England.  They're quite unique, because there is a distinct element of American Bluegrass in their music.  However, it's a bit more raucous.  It's exciting that Bluegrass is making some headway into popular modern music!  In 2009 Mumford & Sons released their debut, Sigh No More.  Slowly it gained steam in the United States.  My good friend Teresa first introduced me to them last spring.  The next thing I knew, by fall they were all over the radio!  It was exciting to have a band to talk about that other people heard of!  Sigh No More was so successful that the band received Grammy Nominations for Best New Artist and Best Rock Song ("Little Lion Man").

Please enjoy Mumford & Sons performing "Roll Away Your Stone".

Mumford & Sons are playing nearby Merriweather Post Pavilion on Thursday.  Unfortunately for you and I, it's sold out.  However, if you're hungry for more Mumford & Sons check out their website.

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