Monday, June 13, 2011

Jill Andrews: It Will Be Like Dancing

While Jill Andrews has been singing her entire life, she only started playing guitar at 19.  It was then that she joined Sam Quinn, a friend she had met at summer camp, to form the musical duo The Everybodyfields in 2003.  In their time together The Everybodyfields quickly garnered the attention of music outlets such as NPR and Paste Magazine, and played national tours including a stop at Bonnoroo.  However, in 2009 the duo amicably split to follow their own solo careers.

Just last week Jill Andrews released her very first solo full length album, entitled The Mirror.  Fans of The Everybodyfields will be happy to hear her beautiful voice hasn't changed one bit.  Here's Jill Andrews and her band playing the first track from The Mirror, "Sound of the Bell".

You can purchase Jill Andrew's new album wherever music is sold, but why not just buy it from her website?  Also, take some time and explore Andrews' work with Sam Quinn as The Everybodyfields.  I was a big fan of their 2007 release Nothing Is Okay. 

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