Saturday, June 11, 2011

The David Mayfield Parade: Dear God, Don't Let This One Slip Away

David Mayfield is one of those amazing musical stories that come around every now and again.  As a kid Mayfield played bass in his family bluegrass band.  By the time he was a teenager he became recognized for his outstanding guitar and mandolin playing skills.  Throughout his career, Mayfield has been in the background of a number of bands.  He's performed and wrote songs as part of Cadillac Sky, played bass on Jessica Lea Mayfield's (his sister) debut album, and performed with The Avett Brothers.  It was while touring with his sister Jessica, that David Mayfield first started collaborating the The Avett Brothers.  Taking note of Mayfield's outstanding musicianship, The Avett Brothers invited him to play with them.  Mayfield's talent were undeniable and the brothers encouraged him to make an album of his own.

In December of 2010 The David Mayfield Parade released their self-titled debut album.  It's been met with rave reviews around the country.  Recent accolades include being featured in the Washington Post, as well as being included in Paste Magazine's List of non-headlining bands at this weekend's Bonnaroo festival not to miss.  It sounds like it's David Mayfield's time to shine.

Here's The David Mayfield Parade performing "I Just Might Pray" off their self-titled debut album.

Catch up with The David Mayfield Parade by checking out their website.

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