Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cover Thursdays- Love Can Cure Your Problems

This week I cheated a little for Cover Thursday... but it's a good cheat!  I think everyone wins.  I mean you can't really go wrong when Pete Townshend's involved.

Next week, one of my favorite artists, Joe Purdy, will be playing in Annapolis.  Hopefully, I'll be able to make it to the concert.  Even if I can't, I'll be certain to post about Joe Purdy in the very near future, because the man is an undiscovered treasure.  However, I've been sitting on posting this video for a bit, and thought now would be a good time to feature it as the concert is next week.  A couple years ago Joe Purdy was joined for a concert by Pete Townshend.  Together they played "Let My Love Open the Door", and below is the mesmerizing performance!  I guess it's not technically a cover, but it's too awesome to pass over.

On a related note, if you've never seen the movie "Dan In Real Life", I'd highly recommend it.  The movie itself is funny and well written, Sondre Lerche wrote the soundtrack, and most notably Steve Carell and Dane Cook perform "Let My Love Open the Door" in the movie.  It's my favorite scene, and that performance alone makes the movie worth the time in my opinion.

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