Wednesday, May 25, 2011

William Fitzsimmons: Heart's In Throat And Broken To Pieces

William Fitzsimmons is a pretty interesting character.  He grew up in house with two blind parents, who were very musically inclined.  Over the course of his childhood Fitzsimmons learned piano, trombone, guitar, banjo, and ukulele to name a few.  However, Fitzsimmons path to becoming a performing musician, was anything but ordinary.  Fitzsimmons has his degree in counseling, and has worked as a mental health therapist, before starting his venture into music.  His first two albums Until We Are Ghosts and Goodnight were both self recorded and produced.

The theme through most of Fitzsimmons' music is usually darker, and rooted in personal hardships.  His 2008 release The Sparrow and the Crow is largely inspired by his divorce.  Despite the sad lyrics, the come across as heartfelt and beautiful.  Here's William Fitzsimmons performing "Just Not Each Other" off The Sparrow and the Crow.

Sweet beard right?  Check out William Fitzsimmons' latest releases and find more information about the man and his music by going here.

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