Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Low Anthem: I Wouldn't Be Ready To Die

Over the course of the last three years, I may have seen The Low Anthem perform more than nearly any other band.  Funny thing is, most of the time it's been inadvertant.  They just happened to be opening for the band I bought tickets to see.  A good portion of the bands I enjoy, I end up discovering as openers for bands I love.  It's a great way to find music, because if you like a particular band, they probably enjoy the same type of music you do.  This was the case with the The Low Anthem.  I've seen them open for Lisa Hannigan, and Josh Ritter twice.  Both times they were fantastic.  So much so, that I came back to see them headline a show last year.  My favorite thing about The Low Anthem is that they play unique instruments, and that each band member plays different instrumentst throughout the show.  They're like a more acoustic Freelance Whales.

The band has three albums out.  Their latest Smart Flesh was released this past February.  The Low Anthem gained notorioty on the strength of their second album Oh My God, Charlie Darwin.  My good friend Teresa helped me pick today's song, a bonus track off of that second album, entitled "Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around."  It's actually based off an old gospel tune.  Teresa made a great choice, because there is a sweet bass solo to start!  Also the bassist looks like he'd be cool to hang out with.  Check out that mustache!

The Low Anthem will be tourning with Mumford & Sons for a portion of their upcoming US tour.  Find out more about The Low Anthem by visiting their website!

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