Monday, May 16, 2011

The Civil Wars: Your Hands Can Heal, Your Hands Can Bruise

Last fall, my friend and concert companion Teresa told me I should check out a band at Jammin' Java called The Civil Wars.  I wasn't able to make it that night, and for some reason they completely slipped my mind and I never sought out their music online either.  Unfortunately, I really missed out.  Over the last month or so, I have been able to delve into their music a bit more, and it turns out they produce some beautiful music.

The duo's debut full length album, Barton Hallow, was released this past February.  So far, the band has been featured in Paste Magazines' "Best of What's Next", opened for Adele on her current tour, had a song featured on "Grey's Anatomy", and was mentioned numerous times by Taylor Swift on her twitter account which has 5 million followers.  Frankly, if you haven't listened to The Civil Wars, it probably wouldn't have taken you long to come across them.

Here's the duo performing their hit "Poison & Wine."  Check 'em out!

The band's website has a great bio write up.  Definitely worth checking out.  Hope you enjoyed!

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