Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Seryn: We Can Shape But Can't Control

Apparently, I need to move to Texas.  Between the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, and the bands coming out of Denton, there is some incredible music coming out of this state.  In addition to Sarah Jaffe (previously featured), Denton is also home to Seryn, a five-piece band made of incredible musicians.  All five members can play multiple instruments and contribute to the chorus, similar to bands like Freelance Whales, and The Low Anthem.

This past March, Seryn played one of the most prestigious and comprehensive music festivals around, in the South By Southwest festival.  Out of hundreds of bands and artists at the festival Paste Magazine included Seryn's performance as their #1 favorite SXSW performance of 2011.  Pretty impressive. Seryn's debut album This Is Where We Are was released this past January.

Here's Seryn performing "We Will All Be Changed" off This Is Where We Are.  Enjoy!

Hopefully there will be more to come from this promising band.  Check out their website to keep up with any new and exciting information.

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