Saturday, May 14, 2011

Andrew Bird: My Dewy-Eyed Disney Bride

Chicago-based songwriter Andrew Bird, is supremely talented.  Classically trained since he was four years old, he plays violin as if it's an extension of his body.  At concerts, he's a virtual one man band, playing a number of instruments and utilizing loop pedals to amaze audiences.  Did I mention that he's an outstanding whistler as well?  If I could whistle like that, I would probably never talk.  Just whistle... whistle all day long!

I had heard of Andrew Bird, but I didn't really start listening until my brother gave me his album Nobel Beast as a gift.  His discography dates back to 1996, however, the sound and style of his recordings have changed dramatically over the years as much of his early work focused on traditional folk.  Andrew Bird's more recent recordings are more along the lines of indie rock.

It was really difficult to pick just one video to showcase Andrew Bird's talents.  So, like I usually do when faced with a difficult decision, I did my best to avoid making one.  My favorite Andrew Bird song is "Anonanimal", but I couldn't quite find a live video that did the song justice.  Instead, I chose a video of the song "Why?", which is an amazing solo performance that reminds me of some kind of Jazz poet.  Then, there's the full band performance of "Fake Palindromes", that just blew me away.  My indecision probably worked out for the best!  Enjoy two videos from Andrew Bird today!


"Fake Palindromes"--

Check out Andrew Bird's website!

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