Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rich Price: I've Been Scheming To Kiss Your Lips Again

I don't know much about Rich Price, to be completely honest.  His last album All These Roads was released in 2007.  He has a website, but the most useful information is a link to his myspace page... which hasn't been updated in almost a year.  I may need to do some research.  I do know this:  Years ago I somehow found one of his songs on iTunes and on a whim purchased the entire album, Miles From Anywhere.  It's a really well done record.  The songwriting is great, catchy hooks throughout, but I don't know if it's received the love it should have from the listening public.  Rich Price is a great songwriter, and it seems that no one knows it.  I myself, just happened upon a song one day and luckily I clicked the sample.

Here's Rich Price singing "Turn Off My Heart".  This is an outstanding song.  It reminds me of being in love with someone, who you know you shouldn't be, someone who is difficult to walk away from.  Take a listen and see if you can find out more about Rich Price, because the man can write music!

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